Junior Maine Guide

Junior Maine Guide Patch

The Junior Maine Guide Program (JMG) is a long-established wilderness camping skills program sponsored by the Maine Youth Camping Foundation and the Maine State Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife. It is an outdoor skills program designed to foster enjoyable, safe and healthy outdoor living experiences for youth ages 9 – 18.

The program, unique to Maine, was created in 1937 as an act of the State Legislature in an effort to promote the use of the Maine wilderness for recreation as well as to train new generations of youth to adopt use practices that conserve the environment. It is offered by various Maine summer camps.

Natural Shelter
Natural Shelter 

The program progression is divided into age-appropriate levels of skills that will enrich a camper’s summer program.

There are 3 levels:

    Junior Maine Woodsman (ages 9-12)
    Maine Woodsman (ages 12-14)
    Junior Maine Guide (ages 14-18)

Junior Maine Woodsman & Maine Woodsman will be taught at CAMP FOREST.  Award badges are presented for successful completion of these units.

The Junior Maine Guide level requires a candidate to have completed the Junior Maine Woodsman and Maine Woodsman levels, or equivalent, and to successfully complete a five-day testing encampment. Final testing is conducted by the Maine Youth Camping Association in cooperation with the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife at the beautiful Stephen Phillips Preserve, Oquossoc (Rangeley) ME.  To learn more about the Junior Maine Guide program, please visit http://juniormaineguides.org/.

CAMP FOREST will teach the following MODULES

Level 1: Junior Maine Woodsman

    Ages 9 – 12
    15 Skills Testing Modules lead towards earning the Junior Maine Woodsman patch.

Goal of the Junior Maine Woodsman Level: Camp Forest offers instruction and testing on each module to certify campers for the Level 1 Junior Maine Woodsman patch and to lay the foundation for level 2, Maine Woodsman.

Junior Maine Woodsman


Level 2: Maine Woodsman  

Ages 12 – 14
    15 Skills Testing Modules lead towards earning the Maine Woodsman patch. Modules are same as Junior Maine Woodsman, but at a more advanced level.

Goal of the Maine Woodsman Level: Camp Forest offers instruction and testing on each module to certify campers for the Level 2 Maine Woodsman patch and to prepare them for the 3rd and final level, Junior Maine Guide.

Methods of Evaluation: Oral Tests, skills tests, written tests, according to individual camp’s philosophy.

Length of Time Required: Varies due to length of camp session & age of participant. It can be completed in one summer or over several summers.

Skills Modules & Areas of Evaluation

Tool Craft Trip Equipment Fire Building
Canoeing First Aid / Wilderness First Aid Trees
Individual Shelter Cooking  Hiking & Backpacking
Map & Compass Group Encampment Leave No Trace Camping
Map of Maine Maine Issues & Environmental Concerns Outdoor Living Skills


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Camp Forest is a Day and Expedition camp in Maine to preserve, teach, and honor primitive and wilderness living skills from around the world.

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